Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Fairytale Yarn

This was made for me by my friend Liz for a yarn/fiber swap we did back in April. I had to be very very patient- but I'd say it was well worth it!

Guilty Pleasures

I'm having to cut myself off from doing any more swaps or art projects and focus, focus, focus. Must spin more yarn.... The top peice was for a local art show called "Talking Trash" where trash had to be used in the composition. The little matchbox with ATC's was a swap I could not resist participating in as well as the mail art where you had to make your own envalopes in addition to the art. Now- Back to the wheel and to pimping out the yarn shop.

Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Animals Smell When Wet

Animals Smell When Wet was a spin challenge recently posted by Pluckyfluff on her blog. The idea was to create a yarn the was either water proof or water resistent without using any animal fibers. Starting today, folks can vote for their favorite entry at http://pluckyfluff1.livejournal.com/ The winning spinner will receive a skein of yarn Pluckyfluff spun that provided the inspiration for this challenge. The materials I used to create my yarn include a water resistant jacket, vintage oil cloth, polar fleece hat, plastic coated wires, plastic bag and a foam packing sheet. Please drop by Pluckyfluff's blog to vote as well as http://www.yarnmuseum.com/ to see more photos of all the entries.