Monday, October 31, 2005

Featured Works Continued....

The small quilt,"Jigsaw", was created by Chrissy Johnsrud. Hand-dyed silk batik and mixed medium "Truly Happy" was created by Amy Barnes. Felt bowl, "Sea of Life" was created by Chris Lynch who will also be featured in a solo show at The Rookery in November.

Featured Works

Here are some of the works by local fiber artist Elizabeth Lehmer.

Art Show Aftermath

Whew! I survived hosting my first fiber art show... nothing fancy by all means, but the turn out was great! I sold several pieces- some of which I've posted on this list (check out the posts High Tide, Fiber Fishing and Felting Frenzy to see) so the work sessions until the wee hours of the morning actually paid off.

I'll be posting pictures of some of my current work that also hung in the show so bare with me, as I've lots of pictures of work by other artists I want to feature first. Enjoy!

Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Fiber Art Show

Finally got flyers up around town for the upcoming artshow. Ended up gathering leaves from my yard and photocopying them for the background and ripping out the text. Cheap, easy and hopefully eye-catching. Lots of other visual competition on those community bulletin boards!

Saturday, October 08, 2005

Fiber Fishing

This is one of two whimsical renderings of flatfish. The second one is in the works and is slightly larger in size. Kodaik is mainly supported by the fishing industry and boasts one of the largest fishing ports in the United States, so fish are a big part of everyday life for most of us. This peice will hang in a fall fiber art show we are hosting at The Rookery at the end of the month. I'll be posting updates on the show as it draws nearer and hope to share some photos of the event.

Friday, October 07, 2005

Abstract Anenome

Well, here is the anenome inspired vessel I've been working on. The main body is constructed of wool with shredded mylar, snippets of handspun yarn and tule felted into it. I used mohair locks to simulate tentacles. There are several openings in this vessel that are hidden by the mohair locks. A large central opening, a deep, narrow pocket that runs completely around the inside egde and four corner pockets that are perfect for tucking knitting needles into. I've been thinking about tucking in a pair of hand-dyed needles and spinning up some funky complimentary yarn, winding it into a ball and tucking it into the middle with a small tail exposed. With the yarn hidden inside, you'd have to start knitting with the needles provided and slowly expose the surprise within. I think it would be hard not to peek at the ball of yarn hidden inside though. If you could restrain yourself, it really would be quite the knitting adventure.