Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Guerilla Art in the Toilet

The ultimate in guerilla art! Try smuggling one of these into your local watering hole and swapping it out. Not for the squeamish or for germaphobes.

Night Owls

These were created for the "Cap It" Bottle Cap Art Show and were a collaboration between myself and fellow local artist and friend Chrissy Johnsrud. The show ran for the month of September in the Harbor Building hosted by Emerald Isle Framing, The Rookery Fiber Art Shop and Kodiak Island Brewing Company.

Art on Display

This piece was created with help from students at North Star Elementary during my residency there last year. It was donated to the Kodiak National Wildlife Refuge Visitors Center and is currently on display. The background is painted and collaged fabric stretched over a frame. Anemone and rocks were created out of felted wool and stitched down. The fish and jellyfish were constructed from recycled materials.