Sunday, July 30, 2006

Summer Clearance Sale!

I've updated my shop on etsy and have marked all of my yarns way down- some more than $25 off the original list price. All of my yarns come with a money back gaurentee if you are not satisfied when you receive them- but I think you will be inspired! I'll ship anywhere in the world. Please check out all the changes and new items I'm offering. Thanks!

Saturday, July 29, 2006

New Yarn

Here's the latest- 141 yds of hand dyed mohair/wool blend roving spun with snippets of beaded thread and left over Diakeito yarn. Very moody! It's got me thinking of fall. Stay tuned- I'm planning a clearance sale in my etsy shop very soon, and will be slashing prices big time. I need to pay some bills! So if you've had your eye on something...

Thursday, July 27, 2006

Felt Faction

If you've missed this recent addition to my links section, you are seriously missing out! Check out these bad-ass felted creations from Finland

Friday, July 21, 2006

Changing the World One Charkha at a Time

This is Therese of who is literally making a difference in the world one charkha at a time. Terese has been on a mission to put these wheels in the hands of spinners in Africa who make their living spinning cotton on spindles. Please read the full story and see all the wonderful photos from her travels. She just posted fiber related pic's from a trip to Marakesh.

If you'd like to learn more about how to help, Material Whirled has set up a page on their website dedicated to selling handspun yarns donated by spinners to help raise funds. Or if you'd like to donate a couple bucks they also have a paypal account set up. I will be putting together a big basket of fibery goodness that I plan to raffle at the shop and online- so check back as I'll be posting photos and details to my blog this weekend.

Thursday, July 13, 2006

Wicked Bags

More fantastic felted bags by Sally Troxell. I'm not a purse carrying kind of gal, but that first one has me reconsidering my tom boy inclinations and goin' for girly! Sally- your stuff just keeps getting better and better. These bags can be seen, held, touched, fondled and bought at The Rookery.

Spin that Monster!


Since opening a yarn shop, I've enjoyed receiving these little gems in the mail. This is my coveted collection of Yarn Market News (minus the holiday issue that went MIA). My dream: to get my yarn on the cover! Check out their website

Saturday, July 08, 2006


Here's the latest from start to finish. The inspiration for this one was Natasha of Luxe Fibers fame. I had fun hanging out with her on my trip to Sheep & Wool. Anyhow, here it is- a luxury blend of silk, angora, kidmohair, alpaca and angelina spun with snippets of novelty yarns and trims. Plied with glass beads threaded on viscose thread. 91 yds of gorgeousness!

Friday, July 07, 2006

Reenie's Monster

Cut loose on the drum carder today with the fiber Reenie sent me. Started digging in my stash jars and pulling out snippets, bobbles and bits and I'm spinning up one monster of a yarn at the moment. The bats have a ton of stuff in them- merino (I'm assuming) mohair, silk, firestar, angelina... I went nuts taking pictures of the fiber trying to capture all the colors- but as usual the photos just don't cut it.

For Liz

I made this delectable little treat for my super crafty friend Liz as a "thank you" for the bag she'd left me. Seriously- this should be sitting on top an ice cream cone! It's yearling mohair spun around a core of threaded star sequins, with super slubby rainbow coils and sky blue viscose ply. Can't wait to see what she does with it.

Thursday, July 06, 2006

Seriously, this made my week....

For me? WOW! Found this wonderful handmade bag with a note from my friend Liz wishing me a belated happy birthday when I got to work yesterday. My birthday was in February, so I was not at all expecting this. LOVE the bag- it even has little pockets sewn inside to hold knitting needles and stuff, and it's completely reversable. And the fabulous fiber pile you ask? That came in the mail today from Reenie at Material Whirled- she and I did a fiber swap and boy did I make out gooooooood! I'm gonna work this magnificent pile into, shall we say, a mosh medley of sorts. Anyone else feel compelled to send something my way? Feel free- surprise me! I may just return the kindness... P.O. Box 3075 Kodiak, AK 99615

Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Hot Chicks that ROCK!

I am way over the moon! The chick who bought my yarn "Hot Chick" at Renegade Craft Fair just left me a message in my post about her... and here is what she made from my yarn!!!! She also used Lambs Pride Bulky and lined it with orange fabric- YUM! Anyhow, you can check out this hot chick's blog at:

Progress on Punked!

I thought for sure I had already posted a picture of this yarn knit up in to a scarf... It's still a work in progess- I haven't yet found the right chains to hook to the safety pins and I'd really like to work in some of those pyramid shaped metal studs. Anyone know where I can find some?

Saturday, July 01, 2006

Handspun Yarns with Attitude!

Finally, a webring for art yarn enthusiasts! If you are a spinner of funky, wild yarns with attitude, please join this ring and connect with other like-minded spinners! You can join via the link located in the side bar of my blog under my list of webrings. Please note: your website or blog must clearly show your passion for these unusual yarns in order to join this ring.