Thursday, January 21, 2010

Kodiak Arts Council "Curtain Call" Submission

Here's a peek at my submission for the Kodiak Arts Council's annual Art & Adventure Auction taking place later this month. This year they have provided local artists with pieces of the old theater curtains from the Gerald C. Wilson Auditorium, and challenged them to recycle the curtains into art that is to be auctioned off to support arts programs in our island community. The smaller collages are left over from work I've been doing at North Star Elementary, so really this piece is a collaboration between myself and 5th grade students. I love that we are working together on a project that has a social impact, for as we explore, learn and work together, we are creating something that benefits the community that we live in. I hope to do more projects like this.

Tide Pool Project Submissions

More amazing submissions from artsist across the country for our tide pool! From top to bottom is a Nudibranch (Sea Slug) a copper Sea Anemone, an Octopus and some wonderfully crafted rocks. To find out more information about the Tide Pool Project or how to participate, visit: Tide Pool Project