Monday, March 30, 2009

International Call for Entires: Textile Tide Pool Project

I am seeking submissions from fiber artists around the world to create a collaborative tide pool made up of textile stones, kelp, anemone, barnacles, octopi, crabs, shells and other related flora and fauna. My goal is to create a textile tide pool that will bring awareness to the importance of our coastal waters and the delicate and critical balance they play in the health of our planet. 

This international collaboration will be exhibited at the Kodiak National Wildlife Refuge on Kodiak Island, Alaska in 2010. I hope to find other cities around the world that are interested in hosting this exhibit and drawing attention the importance of the health and sustainability of our oceans worldwide. This project has the potential to bring a tactile and diverse representation of tide pools to people who might not have otherwise experienced the marvel of exploring the thriving biodiversity found in tidal waters.  

Submissions may be no smaller than 2 inches and no larger than 6 inches in any direction. Artists may work in any textile discipline (i.e. knitting, felting, sewing, crochet) and are encouraged to create 3 dimensional works OR 2 dimensional surfaces with raised detailing and embellishment. Recycled materials are also acceptable, as garbage and debris pose a threat to coastal wildlife that ingest or otherwise become entangled in discarded trash and lost fishing gear. 

All objects received will be documented online at with credit given to artists and links to blogs or websites. Please include your name, city/state/country where you reside, email address and URL you would like us to link to. There is no limit to the number of objects that can be submitted. Submissions become the property of the International Textile Tide Pool Project. Deadline for submissions is January 15th, 2010.

Please mail all submissions to:  

c/o Elizabeth O'Donnell 
P.O. Box 3075 
Kodiak Island, Alaska 
99615 USA

or email for more information:

Thursday, March 05, 2009

International Call for Mail Art

I'm  sending out an international call for submissions of  Ocean Themed Mail Art. Thoughts, visions, dreams, poetry, imaginings and interpretations of the the Sea to be sent in the post. Please visit my page on International Union of Mail Artists for complete details, to see current submissions or to learn more about mail art in general. All submissions will be documented on my blog The Sea: International Mail Art Project.