Sunday, September 28, 2008

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Exquisite Corpse Textiles

I've been taking part in an interesting project for the past few months- an Exquisite Corpse Textile exchange. I haven't mentioned it before because I'm not allowed to post any pic's of my work until the entire project has been completed. Each participant creates a design on fabric that is segmented into 6"x6" squares. One square is chosen and the design within the square embellished and worked in colors chosen by the creator of the piece. The finished square is then covered with fabric, front and back, and sent to the next person in the group to work on. Each person remains blind to what the person before them has done. The only guide is the drawing on the fabric and the color choices given at the start. When each square has been completed, the piece is returned to the person who started it and all the squares are then uncovered to reveal the finished piece.  So when I finally get my "corpse" back, 5 other artists will have worked on it and I myself will have worked on a total of 6 different designs. I'm currently on my fourth square/piece. It's been fun to see each person's designs and the creative challenges each piece brings. Since I'm participating in the 2nd round of Exquisite Corpse, there are some round 1 photos starting to trickle in now that its ended. You can see them here.

Teesha's Yarn- Chapter 2

Here's a peek at the next section of Teesha's yarn that I'm spinning. I'm using fabric scraps for this one and a few add-in's to embellish. I've got lots of fun bits (beads, charms, etc) that I'll be plying in when the whole yarn is finished. I'd better make a note to self the order of each section I've spun, as I'm going to have to thread all those bits on my ply thread to correspond to each section!

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Teesha's Yarn Project

I've been wanting to make a yarn for Teesha Moore for ages now. When I met her last year, I mentioned the project to her and she generously offered me some fabric collage sheets to use. Since then I've been thinking about the technical aspects of the project, gathering and assembling bits and waiting for my muse to visit. She finally came round the other night and I've started work at long last! Here is a peek at the first pile of fibers to be spun... There was more additions than what is shown here, but it should give you an idea. The whole yarn will be made up of entirely different sections- like pages in one of Teesha's journals, each section will be unique but will compliment the others. For this project I'm using every spinning trick I know, and have come up with a new addition that I hope will work out as planned. I'll post pic's of each section I'm about to spin and keep you posted on where I'm at in the project.

ArtFest 2009 Confirmation!

Got confirmation in the mail that I made it in to ArtFest 2009! I've got classes with Linda & Opie O'Brien on Thursday, Theo Ellsworth on Friday and Micheal DeMeng on Saturday. Can't wait!!!

Monday, September 15, 2008

ATC Trades for ArtFest 2009

ATC Trades for ArtFest 2009
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Getting started on trades for ArtFest!

Sunday, September 07, 2008

ArtFest 2009

Registration for ArtFest 2009 opened up this past week, and hopefully I'll get to attend this time around. I've sent in my registration, however this event fills up FAST and my paperwork is still in the postal system. I've got my fingers crossed! I attended last year's ArtFiberFest and completely thrived on the energy and atmosphere. ArtFest is like ArtFiberFest to the 5th degree drawing 500+ people, whereas AFF was a modest 150 or so. I'm holding my breath until the confirmation parcel arrives.