Thursday, December 29, 2005

Yarn Stash!

Here is the inspiration for my next series of circular needle scarves. Can't wait to get started! I should probably be knitting up more of my handspun, but I can't help myself- I'm surrounded by fabulous yarns and the temptation is much too great. Featured here are Victoria ribbon from Anny Blatt, Ishia Silk from Bollicine, Gatto from Skacel, Glitter Alpaca from Cherry Tree Hill, Quatro from Cascade and one more I can't remeber at the moment- its the sparkly ball of fur on top...

Friday, December 23, 2005

Child's Play

As promised, here are photos of the other half of the shop- dedicated entirely to creative play and childhood imagination. We stock products from eeBoo, Jack Rabbit Creations, Haba, Viola, T.C. Habbermass, Sarah's Silks, Tree Blocks, Ravensburger, Spiel & Holz Designs, Under the Nile, Chelona and many wonderful pictures books- including books by Elsa Beskow and many titles from Bare Foot Press. In 2006 we will be introducing products from Mudpuppy Press and Holtziger.

Thursday, December 22, 2005

Northern Lights Project

Hard to see the sparkles in this batt, but here it is. This batt was worked up on a drum carder and has yet to be spun. I have to do a little experimenting with my plying before I spin it up, so the stuff on the bobbin will be used for trying out some of the techniques I have in mind.

Sunday, December 18, 2005

Uninspired Spinning

This is the yarn I was in a hurry to get off the bobbin so I could move on to the next project: my interpretaion of the northern lights. I had planned to make more of the yarn in my last yarn post, but just couldn't muster up the enthusiasim- not with visions of the northern lights dancing in my head! I've started the northen lights yarn and will post pictures of my progess soon. I'm having loads of fun with this project and have some experiementing to do to achieve the results I'm after. More soon....

Nodding at the Needles

Here are two of the scarves finished. There would have been a third, however due to some freak accident as I was binding off I ended up having to rip about half of it out. I just couldn't pick up the stitches properly- too many yarns, too many fuzzies and loops... needless to say, I haven't touched it since. I know, thats what I get for nodding off at the needles. It was way past my bedtime and I should know better than to knit late at night. I'll get it finished before the year is up, I promise... And no more late night insomnia knitting projects, I swear!

Monday, December 12, 2005

Weekend Knitting Frenzy

I went nuts this weekend with my circulars. Started out working with these yarns, but ended up adding d'Anny Blatt's Batik ribbon on this project- just a little. Once I finished it I started another but started working in black eyelash and boucle and more of the Batik ribbon. I'm now on a third using these colors but all three scarves look entirely different. I love working with the Fiamma from DiVe. It's 100% wool but extreamly soft and has wonderful texture when knit up. I'll have photos of the finished peices to share soon.

Beautiful Bags

Here is a sample of Sally's felted purses and bags. I'm very pleased to be able to showcase them in the shop, as her work is simply beautiful (sorry if I'm redundant here, but they are!) Like many of the items posted here- these are for sale.

Friday, December 09, 2005

Bartering Bag Ladies

Sally Troxell brought her felted bags into the shop today. I really admire her work- some of which you can see on this blog (look for the fiber art show in the archives). Having expressed my admiration, she proposed a trade: one of her felted bags for one of my handwoven bags. Deal!
I had a hard time choosing, but this is the one I settled on as it looked the least like a purse. I'm not a purse person- I'm more into totes and backpacks, so this one had definate appeal. I'll post pictures of the others though, as they are definately wonderful to look at.

Thursday, December 08, 2005

Off the Needles

Here's a peek at what I've been knitting. The first scarf was knit with Shira by Curious Creek Fibers in the color Rock Grotto along with handspun silk in the same colorway. The purple scarves were created with several different yarns: Victorian Boucle from Halcyon, Brilloso found at Webs, Victoria Ribbon from Anny d'Blatt, Babalonia from Skacel, Zebra Windsong from Cherry Tree Hill and a yarn I can't remember the name of from Diakeito. I have enough to have another go at a couple more scarves (with the addition of one more ball of Babalonia). The Babalonia really makes the scarf. Its so incredibly soft and lends a nice drape. All were knit on 60" circulars. Have a few loose ends to weave in and fringe to complete. I really like the addition of the fringe to showcase each individual yarn used in the scarf.

Sprucing up for the Holidays

Starting to re-organize the shop for the holidays. The table has since been cleared and is slowly being reworked into a new display. I'll post photos soon of the other half of the shop. I haven't mentioned that part before, but we stock some beautiful things for children. If you are familiar with Magic Cabin you'll have a good idea of the kinds of goodies we carry. More on this coming soon.

Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Skein of the Day

My yarn is plied at long last! I started this ages ago. I still have quite a bit left on the bobbin to ply, but I won't be adding the mohair locks and sparkle (which I love). Instead I'm using a different color viscose thread for plying. At this stage I just want to get this stuff off my wheel and move on to the next project, so I'm keeping it simple. The next yarn project is commissioned work: my interpretation of the northen lights. I can't wait to start spinning! The fibers are carded and ready to go. I just need to color match some tule... Hey, check out the latest fiber art poetry magnets from Interweave Press! (I know, there's an "n" missing but you get the idea). These are great tucked into a Christmas cards for the fiber enthusiasts you know.

Sunday, December 04, 2005

Spinster in the Spotlight

Started spinning again after what seems like months... I'm plying actually, and can tell its been months. Had my wheel spinning clockwise trying to figure out what the heck was going on with my yarn twisting all out of whack- why it wouldn't ply properly. If you're a spinner you'll know exactly why.

Check this out... I'm featured in this months Arts Council newsletter! Not sure if this will be readable on the blog, but thought I'd share. Recognize the pictures? I've only recently discovered photos can be copied from my blog, so I guess I need to let everyone know that all photos of artwork featured here are the sole property of the artist- thats me- and if you would like to use these photos elsewhere on the web, etc. please contact me. I'm pretty good about sharing... most of the time.

I have a mailing list in the works for The Rookery so I can update folks on the arrival of new products before they hit the shelves, featured works of local artists, upcoming classes and workshops as well as special offers and discounts for subscribers. As soon as I finish getting it organized I will post a link here on the blog.

Thursday, December 01, 2005

Recent Works

Feeling a little burnt out after the art show and gearing up for the holidays, hence the lack of creative enthusiasim as of late. These peices were part of a show at The Fly-By which ran the month of November. The scarf was knit with the handspun yarn featured in my post Autumn Leaves. I combined it with Antonia from Skacel using a 60" circular needle size 11.

The felted peice, Fire Dance, was needle felted- incorporating tule, cotton string, novelty yarn, mohair locks, silk, wool and a bronze petroglyph button from Worldy Goods. The small felted vessel was created with similar materials and has a few buttons stitched into the sides: two silver fish, a large clam shell and a couple small nautilus shells. The photo does it zero justice. All three can be seen at The Rookery.

Current projects: several scarves on circulars, handspun on the bobbin waiting to be plied, quivit waiting to be picked and carded and spun (one bobbin down, one left to go) and another wall hanging in the works. I've been playing with the angelia fibers and am working with needlefelting, quilting and beading on this one- if I can find a way to work in knitting I will...

Saturday, November 19, 2005

Fabulous Fibers

Here is a sampling of fibers I have lying around the shop: hand painted silk bricks from Curious Creek Fibers- a dream to spin! Hand carded batts, dyed mohair locks, color packs of wool with bits of novelty yarns and shredded mylar for needle felting or spinning projects... I also offer wool fleece, undyed silk,mohair and fine merino roving and roving from Harrisville and Ashford in a variety of colors.

Thursday, November 17, 2005


If you haven't seen this book, you're really missing out. Very inspiring! I'm looking forward to playing with some of the ideas and techniques in this book and incorporating fusable fibers into my feltwork. Can't wait!

The Many Facets of Chris Continued...

Some of these photos are a little blurry- sorry! Hope you enjoyed viewing some of Chris Lynch's work. I hope to feature other local fiber artists here in the future. Great show Chris!

Wednesday, November 16, 2005

The Many Facets of Chris

Here is a sample of Chris Lynch's baskets and beadwork. I will be posting photos of her quilts and knitting. To be continued......

Friday, November 11, 2005

Featured Artists

I'm completely disgusted with my scanner right now. I wanted to upload a flyer and it wouldn't let me. Grrrrrrr... The idea of a blog entry without a picture is, well... annoying to say the least.

The Rookery is hosting "The Many Facets of Chris" featuring the works of local artist Chris Lynch. I know she reads my blog, so I'm going to embarass her right now by saying she's this amazing jack of all trades sort of person. She is an engineer working in a male dominated field, surrounded by construction work, heavy equiptment, grime, dirt, sweaty guys, etc.... so if you can imagine her in her work grubbies sitting in her pick-up truck knitting up an equisite shawl during her break, you'll understand why I think she's so cool.

Another announcement I'd like to make is that Worldly Goods Buttons has featured my work on their website. I was really thrilled to get their invitation. I love their buttons and use them in my feltwork. I also sell them in my shop.

Well, I'll be taking pictures of Chris's work tomarrow and get them posted to the blog this weekend. She weaves baskets, quilts, knits, makes jewelry and paper art and is starting to explore needle felting.

Thursday, November 10, 2005

Handwoven Baskets

I love these baskets! They are so beautiful and so well made. Some of the best made baskets I've ever come across for toting around projects or stashing yarn and wool. A new shipment arrived yesterday, so the store is now stocked for the holidays.

Monday, November 07, 2005

The "Shoppe" Sign

Finally getting around to posting a picture of my "shoppe" sign. I'll be posting photos of new products that come in as well over the next couple of weeks, so be sure to check back and see what's new at The Rookery.

Something Fishy

These two peices I had left over from the art show. There were two salmon originally, one with a teal border that sold before the show even opened. I decided not to sell this one, wanting to have a physical representation of my work to share with people. I had nothing this summer to show of my work when visitors stopped by and began inquiring about felting and my work in general. Big oversite on my part. I was glad the halibut didn't sell. I'm really pleased with the way it turned out. I'm going to hang on to both while I create some new pieces.