Friday, October 07, 2005

Abstract Anenome

Well, here is the anenome inspired vessel I've been working on. The main body is constructed of wool with shredded mylar, snippets of handspun yarn and tule felted into it. I used mohair locks to simulate tentacles. There are several openings in this vessel that are hidden by the mohair locks. A large central opening, a deep, narrow pocket that runs completely around the inside egde and four corner pockets that are perfect for tucking knitting needles into. I've been thinking about tucking in a pair of hand-dyed needles and spinning up some funky complimentary yarn, winding it into a ball and tucking it into the middle with a small tail exposed. With the yarn hidden inside, you'd have to start knitting with the needles provided and slowly expose the surprise within. I think it would be hard not to peek at the ball of yarn hidden inside though. If you could restrain yourself, it really would be quite the knitting adventure.

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