Friday, November 11, 2005

Featured Artists

I'm completely disgusted with my scanner right now. I wanted to upload a flyer and it wouldn't let me. Grrrrrrr... The idea of a blog entry without a picture is, well... annoying to say the least.

The Rookery is hosting "The Many Facets of Chris" featuring the works of local artist Chris Lynch. I know she reads my blog, so I'm going to embarass her right now by saying she's this amazing jack of all trades sort of person. She is an engineer working in a male dominated field, surrounded by construction work, heavy equiptment, grime, dirt, sweaty guys, etc.... so if you can imagine her in her work grubbies sitting in her pick-up truck knitting up an equisite shawl during her break, you'll understand why I think she's so cool.

Another announcement I'd like to make is that Worldly Goods Buttons has featured my work on their website. I was really thrilled to get their invitation. I love their buttons and use them in my feltwork. I also sell them in my shop.

Well, I'll be taking pictures of Chris's work tomarrow and get them posted to the blog this weekend. She weaves baskets, quilts, knits, makes jewelry and paper art and is starting to explore needle felting.


  1. Elizabeth - my friend the fabulous watercolor artist sent me the link to your blog - I'm coming to "the big island" in March - and can hardly wait to see your shop in person! I'm a quilter by 'trade' -I dabble in knitting, and felting, mostly of the 'rock box' variety, but branching out into felted embellished scarves soon, I think. I love the halibut you did, how ever did you get his lips and head so nicely rounded? Anyway, looking forward to meeting you, and buying some of your great yarn, and colored knitting needles! "She" from Juneau

  2. Hi Elizabeth, you may want to update your link to worldly goods buttons artists... they changed the name of the page and your link no longer goes there. I love your site! It was nice to see a picture of you up at worldly goods... you should put a picture of yourself on your blog...

    -- Janel

  3. Thanks for the heads-up...I've updated the link and have more pictures I will be emailing them of work that includes their buttons.