Friday, March 30, 2007

Coming Up for Air

Haven't really been slacking off- I swear! I'm just buried in paperwork at the moment. Attended a fabulous performance by the band Lunasa here in Kodiak on March 21st. I'm amazed folks will travel so far off the beaten path to share with us their artistry and talents. Thank you Kodiak Arts Council for making it possible! Enjoyed a few pints at the local brewery after the show with fiddler Sean Smyth (founding memeber). What a great guy! Hope we cross paths again.

As far as creative works go, I've been spinning off and on- more scrap yarns with glow-in-the-dark thread to list on etsy and an art yarn I really love. It was inspired by a silky, asian floral print shirt I found at a tag sale. The fabric made it into the yarn as did some vintage bobbles and bakelite beads. The colors are mostly red & turquoise with black slubs and hints of white. I'll post photos as soon as I can.

My next project is a vintage sci-fi yarn with tons of add-ins. I'm hoping to get it spun up this weekend. I'm also working on a yarn for a fiber/magic yarn ball swap I'm partcipating in. Liz Mitchell is my swap partner (you can see two of her yarns on my blog: Sweet! & Tossed Salad) Having her for a partner means I can go totally over the edge. Since she loves marshmallow peeps- I'm spinning up an easter grass inspired yarn with felted peeps, and other candy effects for the magic yarn ball. I've got all kinds of treasures set aside ( and more on the way) to wind up in the yarn ball. I'm still trying to decide on colors to card up for the fiber portion of the swap...


  1. i'd love to take a peek at this fabric scrap yarn.. i've been doing some spinning with recycled silk shirts most recently.. & that swap sounds most exciting - Liz's work is spunalicious! *-*M

  2. yeah, i think her work is spunalicious too. she's whirling up something for me as well. she assures me that i'm going to freak out when i see it. since we are always pushing the envalope with one another creatively, this means that she's got something wild up her sleeve. ;) Bring it on!