Tuesday, April 10, 2007

All Peeped Out

I'm seriously annoyed that I'm unable to finish this yarn for my swap partner (and friend!) Liz. The whole project was hinged on some beads I bought on ebay over 2 weeks ago that never came. Checking back on my purchase, which I paid for, I now see that the seller is no longer valid. Sent an email, but its likely they simply took my money and ditched. My next option is to beg someone I know who makes lampwork beads to do some custom work for me. Envision some yummy colored glass jellybean beads nestled in that fuzzy grass along with felted marshmallow peeps, foil wrapped chocolate eggs and a chocolate bunny. I still need to fuse the angelina in the eggs and peeps and finish felting the chocolate bunny. Thankfully Liz doesn't mind the wait, as she's still trying to get her swap projects done as well.
Had planned on getting more photos today of other completed projects, but was having no luck with batteries- both in my camera and in my car. Dead, dead, dead. Thank you everyone who was so nice for helping me out- C&F Auto for peeking under the hood, giving me a jump and topping off my oil- Carmel for picking up my daughter at school when I couldn't get the damned car running- and the guy at the hydraulic shop who stopped to help and scraped my battery leads. I've got my fingers crossed that corrosion was the culprit. I'll know in the moring when I try to start it.

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