Monday, May 07, 2007

Yarn Update

I'm pleased to announce that my yarns have been picked up by Artisan Knitworks. They are a retail shop that specializes in handspun and hand-dyed yarns. Check out their website at:

Now if I could just find some time for spinning! I've been prepping fibers, but have been busy with the fiber shop and working outside cleaning up all the winter junk and debris. Now that the snow has melted you can see all the garbage and junk the wind has left lying about- not to mention stuff that never got put away. We are planning to finally get our house built this summer, so we have to clear things out before the ground work can begin. So, major clean up and hauling stuff to storage. Keep your fingers crossed all the paperwork goes through- our roof leaks and we need more space. I really don't think the duct tape on the ceiling is going to hold out another year.

My husband is leaving soon for a month long fishing trip to the Bering Sea. Once he's gone, I'll be spinning up all those fibers I've been preparing. So far I have 9-10 yarns that are ready to go. This week I will be working up even more- I hope. I have some felted art peices to try and finish for our annual art show at the end of the month. I try to submit new work every year- it gets me motivated to felt- something I enjoy but never seem to do very often.

I finally finished the marshmallow easter peep yarn. I'll sneek some photos at work tomarrow when Liz is busy- as it's a surprise for her. We work in the same building are are constantly sharing creative ideas, venting our rage and generally wasting time together. Thankfully we both work for ourselves, or else we'd be fired for sure!


  1. Best of luck to you with all your clean up and preparations! :)

  2. Thank you.. I've been feeling very cranky lately due to lack of time for creative venting. I haven't sat down to spin in what feels like weeks. I feel like all I do is pick up after my kids and husband, over see homework and school stuff, cook, do laundry, pay bills and run a retail shop (which involves book keeping, ordering, merchandising, advertizing, etc etc.- not that I'm complaining mind you!)

    Just feeling stretched a little thin right now and am looking forward to my husband leaving town for awhile. I hate to say it, but the house stays tidy and I don't feel like I have to cook a meal or guilty that I'm ignoring him by working on yarn or something. I love him, and enjoy him, but I've grown very used to having time without him over the years to pursue my own interests.

  3. the other elizabeth12:22 PM

    Hooray for absent husbands! Congrats on the deal... well-deserved and overdue!