Wednesday, December 05, 2007


Long time no post. Seriously- I'm not slacking off here... life has been insane since I got back from ArtFiberFest in October. Running a retail shop has meant giving up my creative time and focusing on planning, ordering, packing & shipping orders and staying on top of book keeping.

Even though I've been stocking the yarn shop for the holidays, trying to stay on top of housework and making time for family, I have managed to squeeze out a few projects that I'll post photos of soon, as well as take part in organizing an art show in our retail building. Sold a couple of my peices which was pretty exciting and also had some of my felt work selected to hang in the new Wildlife Refuge Visitors Center through the summer months. Getting ready to submit my latest felted peice for the All Alaska Juried Exhibition and finish up an article for an upcoming issue of Artitude!

On top of all that, we have been planning for the past year to make our house bigger and now it seems it's all about to begin. We're moving out of our house Jan 1st and will start knocking things down and getting the lot ready for new construction. Thought we could just build up and add on, but our house was so poorly built (originally a cabin built from salvaged stuff by a car mechanic) and added on to over the years that its not even worth trying to deal with. Nothing is level or lines up- a serious nightmare to try and engineer. Yeah, we could have just sold our house as is and bought another one, but we have such awesome neighbors on both sides and a killer mountain view in a quiet cul-de-sac that I simply can't bring myself to leave. Good neighbors are hard come by.

Now that I've gotten completely side-tracked from the original reason for this post, I'll get to the point: there is a little blurb on about spinning art yarns!

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