Thursday, February 10, 2011

Exit the Black Hole... with vintage Sci-Fi Yarn

Haven't posted one of these in awhile. Actually I haven't really posted much of anything in awhile. Might as well have been living in a black hole as far as blogging goes. Having my life packed up in cardboard boxes and moving from rental to rental over the past couple of years has proved creatively challenging. Thankfully I had residency work last school year to keep me busy and explorative. Now that the moving is over, the boxes unpacked, I have permanent studio space! I still plan to spin yarns and create mail art, but I am definitely drawn to exploring more mixed-media applications involving fibers and recycled materials and putting more energy into the Tide Pool Project. Feeling a bit rusty and slow to start, but I'm moving again. Right now I'm working on assembling jellyfish out of recycled plastics and yarn for a gallery in Anchorage. More details and photos to follow soon.

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