Monday, September 26, 2005

Felting Frenzy

I've been shamelessly ignoring my spinning wheel the past 10 days and giving in to my other sordid passion- felting. Trying to finish up several projects I started and have made some progess. The tentacle basket ( or as my frind has dubbed it: the Tim Burton basket) is done, mostly.... I have a friend making some funky glass beads that I'm considering working into the sides. The pockets on the sides of the basket are freeform knitted and then needle felted on.

Resumed work on my two felted wall hangings and have one funky flatfish nearly finished. Not too sure what to think of my latest explorations in felt.... a little on the wacky side. I'll have to redeem myself with something a little more serious, but not right now.. heh heh...I've already started work on another felt basket- this time I'm trying my hand at a sea anenome!


  1. your yarns are gorgeous! i just started spinning at the beginning of the summer and decided to close my shop, a tattoo shop, after more than 10 years, i got soooo sick of it in general, and pursue knitting and spinning full time...anyway, i admire your passion for fiber, but it is really exciting to try to follow your heart!

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