Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Project Overload

Way too many projects on the table right now... I've always got something on the knitting needles to fill in the gaps, this being my current project... Lots of feltwork in progess. This starfish is part of a wall hanging I started awhile back and am finally making a little more headway on it. I'm going to combine felting & fused fibers with elements of quilting and hope to add some freeform beadwork.

I've also nearly finished another felted wall hanging of three salmon- still have some fine details to complete and hope to stitch some beadwork into the background. I have another felted background finished and ready to go(but haven't decided on a subject for the foreground) and a third background nearly finished that I hope to work a small school of herring into. Still have some experimenting to do yet with some of my fibers. All in all thats 4 wall pieces in the works.

I'm really motivated to get these and more done for several up coming art shows in Kodiak and around Alaska- most of which are calling for marine/ocean inspired works. However I'm already thinking about some coastal scenes involving ravens that I'd like to try my hand at.

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