Monday, February 27, 2006

Spin Class at The Rookery

Kathy Eagle has been teaching spinning at the Rookery every Saturday for the past 5 weeks. I dropped in for the last spin class to share my yarns and hopefully inspire new spinners to view spinning a little more creatively. They were covering novelty yarn techniques. These two young spinners are already off to an amazing start. I LOVE these yarns!!!You don't get any more free form than this... truely. I almost always have my yarn planned out before hand- so its hard for me to look at that as being free form spinning. This is the kind of stuff that makes me want to knit. I'm not much of a knitter- for me the yarn I spin is more often the end result- but this stuff has my fingers itching to make hats, bags, whatever... I just want to knit it!

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  1. Rockin Yarns!! This is what I want to do when I ever I mean WHEN! I LEARN TO SPIN!!!!!My background is in weaving,which lead to quilting, which has lead back to knitting(via CAP blog) and is leading to wanting to spin!Are sheep next? I have always wanted to own a shop where kindred souls can gather..and look at those kids go!..Big yeay to you!! Alaska... is on the list of things to do before i die. May I link you?