Saturday, June 24, 2006

"Flying High"

I originally wanted rainbows in this yarn, but my wool experiments weren't good enough to make it in. Sadly, after I started spinning this up, I came across some rainbow ribbon that would have worked perfectly- so watch for a future version of this yarn. Its composed of wool and angelina spun around a core thread of threaded star sequins with puffy kid mohair cloud coils and is plied with sky blue viscose thread. 85 yds.


  1. Oh wow, your yarn is beautiful!
    Can't wait to see it with rainbows :)

  2. Oh, my God, that is so pretty! Usually a lot of the effect yarns are a bit too much for me, but I just love this one! I can imagine how your yarns were just ripped out of their hands at the fair. I just found your blog, and want to wish all the best for your yarn business. Your stuff rocks! :)

  3. Thanks for the compliments! Would you believe that this yarn is on its way to Paris? It sold today!