Saturday, June 10, 2006

Yarn Art Cards!

Finally getting around to posting pic's of finished art cards made from photos of my handspun yarns. I hope to make a card for each yarn I spin and still have a couple more cards I need to photograph. Some of the cards have actual bits from the original yarn worked in to them. All are backed with wool felt and blanket stitched with fuzzy eyelash around the edges.


  1. These are beautiful, Elizabeth. Got the Knit Knits in the mail, and am finding much inspiration. Think I'll make up an "Ask me about free knit lessons" t-shirt to wear while I knit at Farmer's Market. Kudos on Renegade, too.
    Cheers, Velma

  2. Yarn art cards are awsome sis! I love you and miss you millions wish we were as close in person as we are in spirit! Hugs and kisses.