Friday, July 07, 2006

Reenie's Monster

Cut loose on the drum carder today with the fiber Reenie sent me. Started digging in my stash jars and pulling out snippets, bobbles and bits and I'm spinning up one monster of a yarn at the moment. The bats have a ton of stuff in them- merino (I'm assuming) mohair, silk, firestar, angelina... I went nuts taking pictures of the fiber trying to capture all the colors- but as usual the photos just don't cut it.


  1. YUM!
    That looks fantastic!
    The painted roving IS merino. The rest I cannot remember- i let he monster muse guide me when selecting stuff for you.
    Eve made the nubbies- her new obsession. I spun the roving you sent me also, combined with a batt I carded. Delicious! Did you card it?

  2. I carded up all of the fiber you sent me with the exception of that bit of roving you see in the picture. I broke that down into little strips that I'm randomly spinning into the yarn. I'm not sure ehat effect that will have when the yarn is knitted, but it should be intresting!