Thursday, July 06, 2006

Seriously, this made my week....

For me? WOW! Found this wonderful handmade bag with a note from my friend Liz wishing me a belated happy birthday when I got to work yesterday. My birthday was in February, so I was not at all expecting this. LOVE the bag- it even has little pockets sewn inside to hold knitting needles and stuff, and it's completely reversable. And the fabulous fiber pile you ask? That came in the mail today from Reenie at Material Whirled- she and I did a fiber swap and boy did I make out gooooooood! I'm gonna work this magnificent pile into, shall we say, a mosh medley of sorts. Anyone else feel compelled to send something my way? Feel free- surprise me! I may just return the kindness... P.O. Box 3075 Kodiak, AK 99615


  1. hey, thanks for the link to my blog.. I hope that it is not an embarassment to you, since it is SO being rebuilt and stuff (on account of my temp nervous breakdown)... I am really SO honored, since you are now all international and stuff ;-)

    Can't wait to see what you do with the goodies from Ms. Reenie- it is always such a treat to see what you spin up next!

    On an unrelated note, why haven't we gone and enjoyed libations together yet? Methinks a growler of Ben's latest raspberry stuff and a trip to White Sands would be a good combo... Much Love, one of the other Elizabeths on the rock...

  2. Embarassment? Are you serious??? Your grizzly pic's alone are freakin' amazing! ***GO CHECK OUT THIS BLOG TO SEE SOME AMAZING KODIAK BROWN BEAR PHOTOS***

    You must have been reading my mind- I was wondering the same thing...

    Lets definately hang, share libations (and if the fog would ever lift) go to white sands beach. Otherwise we could hang at my house and spin til' we puke!