Sunday, August 27, 2006

I'm Back!

Just got in lastnight after two weeks of basking in the Oregon sunshine. WOW! I almost forgot what the sun looked like. Thought I might burn to crisp or burst into flames while I was there, but instead have a nice bronzed glow! It's definately not a tan- I would have needed at least another two weeks of UV exposure to acheive that status.

Had an amazing time hanging out with my sister and an insane number of kids. Went to the Gilbert House- a children's museum in Salem which I highly recommend for an afternoon of inspiring play. I personally went nuts playing with the wacky experiments and interactive displays...

We also spent the day at a water park...

...and another day at the Portland Zoo peeping at all the animals.

I have to say, as much as I enjoyed the distractions, I'm glad to be back on the rock. Stepping off it for short while seriously makes you apreciate what you've got...

Now I'm jumping into unpacking, reorganizing, major paperwork, shipping out yarn orders, a new school year and thankfully, best of all: spinning new yarns! I treated myself to a happy return by preparing some gorgeous fibers (with all the trims) before I left on my trip- so now I have something to spin as soon as I can find time to jump behind the wheel. Methinks my fiber depraved fingers will find satisfaction sometime before the night is officially over.

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  1. welcome back! sounds like good times were had by all in oregon.