Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Teesha's Yarn Project

I've been wanting to make a yarn for Teesha Moore for ages now. When I met her last year, I mentioned the project to her and she generously offered me some fabric collage sheets to use. Since then I've been thinking about the technical aspects of the project, gathering and assembling bits and waiting for my muse to visit. She finally came round the other night and I've started work at long last! Here is a peek at the first pile of fibers to be spun... There was more additions than what is shown here, but it should give you an idea. The whole yarn will be made up of entirely different sections- like pages in one of Teesha's journals, each section will be unique but will compliment the others. For this project I'm using every spinning trick I know, and have come up with a new addition that I hope will work out as planned. I'll post pic's of each section I'm about to spin and keep you posted on where I'm at in the project.

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