Thursday, September 18, 2008

Exquisite Corpse Textiles

I've been taking part in an interesting project for the past few months- an Exquisite Corpse Textile exchange. I haven't mentioned it before because I'm not allowed to post any pic's of my work until the entire project has been completed. Each participant creates a design on fabric that is segmented into 6"x6" squares. One square is chosen and the design within the square embellished and worked in colors chosen by the creator of the piece. The finished square is then covered with fabric, front and back, and sent to the next person in the group to work on. Each person remains blind to what the person before them has done. The only guide is the drawing on the fabric and the color choices given at the start. When each square has been completed, the piece is returned to the person who started it and all the squares are then uncovered to reveal the finished piece.  So when I finally get my "corpse" back, 5 other artists will have worked on it and I myself will have worked on a total of 6 different designs. I'm currently on my fourth square/piece. It's been fun to see each person's designs and the creative challenges each piece brings. Since I'm participating in the 2nd round of Exquisite Corpse, there are some round 1 photos starting to trickle in now that its ended. You can see them here.

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  1. Anonymous2:10 PM

    I love the idea!!! I know it'll be GREAT!