Friday, April 27, 2012

Brushes Gone Bad

The last workshop I participated in at ArtFest this year was "Brushes Gone Bad" with Michael DeMeng. The idea was to turn a paint brush into something slightly sinister using found objects, doll parts and toys. The magic that fused all these parts together was Aves two part Apoxie Clay and a little E6000. So with only 45 minutes until the clay hardens, I sculpted together my doll and toy parts to create this little imp with his unicycle legs. 

Once the clay had completely hardened I painted everything black then went
 over it with a dry brush of white paint to highlight all the textures and features. 
The next step was to color wash over the white using several of Michael's color mixtures. 
Below are more examples of what other folks made in this class.

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  1. Oh, I do love these! All of them! But your´s, with it´s little wheel, is closest to my heart! He´s adorable! In a scary way, of course ;-)