Saturday, March 04, 2006

The View from Dead Man's Curve

I finally was able to get a photo of town from Dead Man's Curve. Gibson Cove is in the foreground. The Kalakala was parked there for years- a really cool relic from the art deco period. The Kalakala was an upscale ferry that traveled up and down Puget Sound. Looks like a UFO from an old black and white sci-fi movie. Some guy managed to dig the thing out- it was buried in the ground and used as a cannery for years- and somehow he managed to float it back down to Seattle. His vision was to restore it, but it has since changed hands. Hopefully it will be restored and find a permanent home. It's too cool to scrap in my opinion.


  1. Beautiful views!

  2. Well, it´s not yet scrapped, but as well not restored. There´s enough money around in Seattle but just not for the old boat it seems.

    However, a friend and me are doing a website about it, with all sorts of stuff to see, and photos of it´s current state too. It´s at