Friday, April 07, 2006

Braiding Batts

I've been carding up batts the past couple days down at the shop. Today I split them up into threes and braided them. There's been a discussion on the spin list how to present roving/batts for sale. Wound into balls, they start to fall apart when handled too often. Wrapping them like flowers was suggested and rather intresting, but several folks complained they wouldn't have the patience to unwind the intricate design. My solution- braids. Snip the ties at each end, unloose the braid and you have 6 fat rolags ready to spin.

To do this, I've layered two 1 oz batts, one on top the other, and split them into threes. Tie one end with a bit of yarn, braid as tighly or loosly as you like, then tie the other end. A card can be threaded on to the ties with all your info, or if you have a lable you can wrap it around the braid like you would on a skein of yarn. These pack and stack great and are not as apt to go tumbling on to the floor. This idea also works for commercial roving.

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