Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Lame Excuses

I have totally sucked at keeping up my blog this week. It's not that I'm being lazy or anything, I've actually been busy doing stuff, but I have this yarn I've been working on that I just have not been able to spin this past week. It's one of those "I have to be in the right mood to spin it" kind of things. Frustrating- cause I keep looking at it sitting there on the bobbin, almost finished, and I just seem to have spinner's block. Grrrrr! It's taunting me.

I did get side-tracked on a total freak accident project though, so not all is lost. I've been making art cards using photos of my yarn. Haven't played with paints in a looooooong long time, so had heaps of fun painting, crackling, pasting bits of stuff, stitching, tossing glitter, etc. I don't have any entirely finished yet, I want to put felt on the backs to clean them up and make them a bit more sturdy. In the meantime I'm embellishing them with fibers and stuff. I'm already thinking of ways to weave fine wire around the edges with some glass beads. I'll try and get some sneak peek pic's today.

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