Sunday, April 16, 2006

Egg Dye Experiments

Dyed easter eggs on Saturday- from our own chickens! All that left over dye begged for experimentation. Tried bits of some novelty yarns I had set aside just for this purpose. A little extra vinegar, color and some alum, simmer in a pot, and these are the results. Punk by Skacel did not take the color well, so the results are pastel. Posh on the other hand, also by Skacel, took the color fabulously. I'll be dying more of this yarn as I use quite alot of it in my spinning projects and their color pallette is very limited.


  1. Auntie Barbie5:35 PM

    Beautiful spring colors! You are having way too much fun! Keep up the great talent that you possess!

  2. I dig the colors! I looked for egg dye at Wally World and Safeway today- they were all sold out- bummer! Anyhoo, my lil' Etsy store is still pretty humble, but I figure it's a work in progress. I didn't even realize you have one too (I'm so observant). I'll have to check it out and place an order soon... as for the button, I just made it on our photo-editing software that came with one of our cameras ;-)

  3. i bought a ton of easter egg dyes and didn't do anything with any of them yet. they look so purdy! and your own chuks? how cool is that? your kids must love the chicken run movie.