Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Fly Trippin' to MSW

Well, today is the day.... In 20 more minutes I'm heading off to the airport and flying outta here to PA to meet up with Natasha of Luxe Fiber. Check out her blog in my fiber blog links. We are going to road trip it to Sheep & Wool in Maryland on Friday. Look forward to meeting everyone! I'll try and check in when I can... Hugs!


  1. HI!!!!
    So nice to meet you-- LOVED your yarns.....they are amazing....
    Where did you get the Knit Knit mags???
    Hope you had a safe trip home....

  2. Thanks Reenie- I had so much fun hanging out with everyone. And all that fiber!!! OMG! It was overwhelming. I'll be getting issues of Knit Knit in the shop hopefully by next week. Its very artsy and is sold in the UK, Ireland and France. I'm going to try and carry back issues as well. I'll post to my blog when they come in.