Saturday, May 20, 2006

Yarns, Needles and Feltwork now on Etsy!

Finally listed some of my things on Etsy- a very meager offering for the time being, but a start none the less. You can check out my etsy shop at:
I'll be adding lots more stuff, so check back...


  1. Good luck with your new shop!

  2. Eliz,would you ever consider having your wonderful Esty items available to ship to Canadians(internat'l) as well? There is nothing more frustrating than finding something I like and the seller lists "only ships within US"!

    It is a sad that a line called the "Can-US border" can make postal rates differ, or that online store setups do not take into consideration that both Canadians and Americans like to shop from both countries. Minus the politics, we folks aren't really all that different. Thanks, Andrea

  3. I'll send stuff anywhere- its just I wasn't sure about shipping costs outside the US- I'm mainly guessing on the actual costs right now until I get better organized.

    I'm going to add a statement to my shop letting folks outside the US know that I can work with them- so if you ever see anything you like don't hesitate to contact me.