Monday, September 12, 2005

Handspun Revolution

Lexi's book has arrived! I ordered a few copies from her to carry in my shop and devoured it over coffee this afternoon. I like that she kept it simple- all too often you get lost in all the mumble jumble looking for that little tid-bit of information. I also really appreciate the fact that its hardcover and compact and very cool!


  1. Gee, Elizabeth, we couldn't get much farther apart. My shop is in Rhode Island and I too just opened the package with Lexi's new book, Spinning Revolution. Haven't checked it out yet but will put it out for tonight's spin in. su at Rhode Island Handspun Yarns

  2. I enjoyed the read... it had me inspired enough to take the scissors to a pair of red tartan pajama bottoms...

    I'm now thinking 80's punk rock yarn, spun in black with random clumps of tartan shag, a little silver chain here and there and a safety pin ot two...

    Knit and wear at you own risk!