Thursday, September 15, 2005

The Rookery

Here's another peek at my shop The Rookery. I still need to take a photo of the yarn shelf- lots of little cubbies full of bliss! The shop has really started to fill out since I opened last December. Seems like every penny I make goes right back into the store and to paying down my debts. Looking forward to having a little help this fall/winter with Saturdays though, as I run the shop myself and have two kids that are with me at the shop all day. Since I can't afford to pay an employee right now, I have run the idea of "Will Work for Yarn" by local knitters and now have someone lined up to start in October. I'm discovering that it is quite a challenge making a business work in a small island community. My client base is very limited... but who said I was in it for the money? Passion... now there's a payoff!

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  1. pinningHi Elizabeth, just had a peek at your blog. your photo's are really lovely, as is your wool and your shop. When you love something as you do it shows. Wish you were in Australia, it's a bit far to visit!! Chris in OZ