Thursday, December 08, 2005

Off the Needles

Here's a peek at what I've been knitting. The first scarf was knit with Shira by Curious Creek Fibers in the color Rock Grotto along with handspun silk in the same colorway. The purple scarves were created with several different yarns: Victorian Boucle from Halcyon, Brilloso found at Webs, Victoria Ribbon from Anny d'Blatt, Babalonia from Skacel, Zebra Windsong from Cherry Tree Hill and a yarn I can't remember the name of from Diakeito. I have enough to have another go at a couple more scarves (with the addition of one more ball of Babalonia). The Babalonia really makes the scarf. Its so incredibly soft and lends a nice drape. All were knit on 60" circulars. Have a few loose ends to weave in and fringe to complete. I really like the addition of the fringe to showcase each individual yarn used in the scarf.


  1. really lovely, Elizabeth. They seem to be knit along the longest edges.Did you have any trouble getting the cast on edge and the bind off edge to have the same elasticity?su

  2. No trouble at all. I just make sure that when I'm binding off to do so loosley, as it will look curved if the stitches are too tight. There is a very different drape to the scarf when it is knit this way. Plus you can get those vertical stripes and use your tails from all the add-ins to create fringe- no darning needle needed!