Monday, December 12, 2005

Weekend Knitting Frenzy

I went nuts this weekend with my circulars. Started out working with these yarns, but ended up adding d'Anny Blatt's Batik ribbon on this project- just a little. Once I finished it I started another but started working in black eyelash and boucle and more of the Batik ribbon. I'm now on a third using these colors but all three scarves look entirely different. I love working with the Fiamma from DiVe. It's 100% wool but extreamly soft and has wonderful texture when knit up. I'll have photos of the finished peices to share soon.


  1. Gorgeous colors! I'm working on a project in the same shades. Wwhere did you get that Anny Blatt ribbon in turquoise? Do you have it in the store?

  2. I had it in the store, but its all gone and I don't currently have any on order. I didn't get a picture of the Batik ribbon I added in, but I think you can see some of it in the fringe on the finished scarves- its much wider and not so shiny, plus it has some subtle color changes dyed into it. There's bound to be someone online that has Anny Blatt ribbon in stock. The name of the ribbon featured in this post is called Victoria.