Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Skein of the Day

My yarn is plied at long last! I started this ages ago. I still have quite a bit left on the bobbin to ply, but I won't be adding the mohair locks and sparkle (which I love). Instead I'm using a different color viscose thread for plying. At this stage I just want to get this stuff off my wheel and move on to the next project, so I'm keeping it simple. The next yarn project is commissioned work: my interpretation of the northen lights. I can't wait to start spinning! The fibers are carded and ready to go. I just need to color match some tule... Hey, check out the latest fiber art poetry magnets from Interweave Press! (I know, there's an "n" missing but you get the idea). These are great tucked into a Christmas cards for the fiber enthusiasts you know.

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