Sunday, December 18, 2005

Uninspired Spinning

This is the yarn I was in a hurry to get off the bobbin so I could move on to the next project: my interpretaion of the northern lights. I had planned to make more of the yarn in my last yarn post, but just couldn't muster up the enthusiasim- not with visions of the northern lights dancing in my head! I've started the northen lights yarn and will post pictures of my progess soon. I'm having loads of fun with this project and have some experiementing to do to achieve the results I'm after. More soon....


  1. It's a really pretty skein!

  2. Thank you! I'll be honest though, I don't like it as much as my original design for this yarn- but then again I'm my own worst critic. Glad you like it. Now I don't feel as bad, as I really felt I was skimping out on this skein just so I could get it out of the way.


  3. Oh gosh, the colours are great! Very vibrant! Funny how those things we tend to "rush" can be our best creations.