Thursday, December 01, 2005

Recent Works

Feeling a little burnt out after the art show and gearing up for the holidays, hence the lack of creative enthusiasim as of late. These peices were part of a show at The Fly-By which ran the month of November. The scarf was knit with the handspun yarn featured in my post Autumn Leaves. I combined it with Antonia from Skacel using a 60" circular needle size 11.

The felted peice, Fire Dance, was needle felted- incorporating tule, cotton string, novelty yarn, mohair locks, silk, wool and a bronze petroglyph button from Worldy Goods. The small felted vessel was created with similar materials and has a few buttons stitched into the sides: two silver fish, a large clam shell and a couple small nautilus shells. The photo does it zero justice. All three can be seen at The Rookery.

Current projects: several scarves on circulars, handspun on the bobbin waiting to be plied, quivit waiting to be picked and carded and spun (one bobbin down, one left to go) and another wall hanging in the works. I've been playing with the angelia fibers and am working with needlefelting, quilting and beading on this one- if I can find a way to work in knitting I will...

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