Thursday, January 05, 2006

124 Yards of Bliss!

Finally got to ply some yarn! The close up photo looks much darker for some reason, but the picture of the skein is fairly true in color. I plied with a lime green sulky holoshimmer thread, sparkly fun fur, purple tule and fused angelina fibers. This is much darker than the northern lights yarn I have planned. With the northern lights yarn I'll spin the sparkly fun fur into the yarn instead of plying it in. Also I plan to spin in some threaded sequins that I dyed and load up some lavender sulky thread with beads for plying, adding in a soft shimmering pale seafoam green tule as I ply. Thats the plan anyhow. Don't know if I'll incorporate the fused angelina in it or not- haven't decided. Now, back to the wheel for more spinning!


  1. your spinning is gorgeous. i've been meaning to get into spinning but dont really know where to start. Is there much demand for Handspun yarns and can you make a decent income from it?

  2. I haven't gone commercial with my yarns yet- meaning I don't have a website up and running to offer my wares, so am not too sure about the decent income part. I do think that there is at least some demand for unique handspun yarns, judging by what I see selling on websites. If you are serious about wanting to learn to spin, check out some of your local independently owned yarn shops and ask around if there is a spinning guild in your area or at least someone who might be able to teach you. Good luck!

  3. Purty yarn! :)

  4. Really nice!
    Great job!
    No woder I could never get this effect.
    I've been using the wrong teqnique!
    I have been spinning the thread in, instead of plying it after!
    Thanks for the photos!
    oh, and for the georgeous yarn as well!

  5. Oh my Elizabeth - this is just gorgeous!