Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Sneaky Peek

A quick break from spinning to share a peek at my northern lights yarn still in the works- and the colors chosen for my next spinning exploit. Pretty loud! I still haven't figured out what little bobbles and bits I'm going to spin in to it, but do have my eye on the last of my orange mohair locks. As for the northern lights yarn, I think this skein will have the most yardage of any other novelty I've spun. My longest to date is "Retro Confetti" at 129 yds. We'll see how this one measures up when I'm finished. It's spinning up finer than the last yarn, but I attribute that to having hand carded the first batch and using the drum carder for the second. This yarn is not as flashy as the last, a little more subtle and delicate, which I really like, but still very sparkly.

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