Thursday, January 12, 2006

Northern Lights

Here it is off the bobbin... It measured in at 186 yds- my largest skein to date.


  1. That is so beautiful!

  2. That is just stunning! What kind of wool and plying thread (and other stuff) is in it?

    What are you going to do with it?

  3. I think I used mostly wool from Harrisville and some mohair locks I had dyed- all carded up with some fuschia flash and spun with bits of fun fur from cherry tree hill (who recently discontined this yarn) and threaded sequins that I dyed. I plied with sulky holoshimmer thread and added in tule.

    As for what I'm going to do with it- I'm going to contact the woman who commissioned me to create this yarn and giver her choice between this skein and the last one I spun. She said she didn't want sequins, but I felt they were an important ingredient, so I spun one with and one without.

    Whichever yarn she doesn't pick is going into my hoard... until my website is complete and I can start selling my stuff.

  4. hey...while you're waiting for the web site to be finished (they never are!), try putting your stuff up on Etsy for sale. You've already taken the photos and it's really easy to list there (not complex like ebay).

  5. I checked out the Etsy site and really liked it compared to Ebay, however I think I am going to hang on to what I've got until the website is complete and work on building up a bit of inventory.

    I've had several folks here ask if I was ever going to have a show to feature my yarns, needles and such, and I've been thinking about that. The plan for now is to keep spinning and dying needles till the website is complete, and launch it with a gathering at one of the local coffe houses that has internet so that people can see the site and the yarns/needles in person as well as any new stuff that has not yet been listed... A sort of artist's coming out party if you will.