Wednesday, January 25, 2006

In My Backyard

Here are some photos I took today driving around... I drove out to Dead Man's Curve wanting to get a picture of the whole town and some ocean views, but the sun was making everything hazy. I'll try from the top of Pillar Mountain sometime. The first three were taken downtown. Eagles perched in a cottonwood tree outside the Baronov Museum, Russian Orthodox Church, and wood carvings in someone's yard that greet folks as they enter town- in the summer the large figure has moss and flowers cascading from its head.

The mountain pic's were taken out in Monoshka- the area I live in outside of town. You can tell its Monoshka cause there isn't much sunlight compared to town this time of year. In the summer though, these mountains are green all the way up to their peaks. Looks tropical like Hawaii or New Zealand... Kodiak is considered a temperate rain forest. The spruce forests here are dripping with spanish moss and the forest floor is covered in a mossy carpet. It's the kind of forest you would expect to find a tidy cottage door in the side of a tree with little woodland folk living comfortably within. Lots of ferns, wild blueberries, roses and wildflowers galore. The summers are pectacular here. Lets not forget about the bears... world's largest brown bears make their home here.

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