Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Keeping my Sanity, Stitch by Stitch...

Well, I finished the scarf before the end of the year as promised, amidst the holiday frenzy, but I haven't given up an inch of my insomniatic knitting habits. Here are the results of of a recent episode of knitting into the wee hours... So far I have NOT been able to work on my northern lights yarn or a wall hanging I have in the works- much to my frustration. Knitting has been my fix for the time being... more work, less play these days. I've a date with quickbooks this friday and LOTS (and I mean LOTS!!!) of data entry to do- not to mention a busy class schedual at the shop starting up soon. Throw two small kids in the mix, a heap of housework, five chickens and a husband who's work has taken him off island since October and you'll start to understand why I've got a death grip on my knitting needles.

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