Monday, January 30, 2006


Finished spinning this up LATE last night...finally. Another spin session into the wee hours of the morning. I've been trying to get at it for several days now, but stuff just kept getting in between me and my wheel. I'm happy with it, but wish I had waited until I could get my hands on some sparkly magenta pompoms. I think that would have looked really hot in this skein. I'm in the process of prepping another batch of fiber for spinning. This time I'm waiting for the pompoms- red sparkly ones. I've been cutting out woolfelt shapes and thredding them on sparkly fun fur novelty yarn to create flames that will be spun into the yarn. I plan to thread the pompoms as well on a soft fuzzy eyelash yarn, so am holding off on spinning for now. Purgatory is the theme for the next skein...


  1. ....whoa, I'm in LOVE!

    That is just amazing yarn. Do you have plans for it?

  2. Nothing more than adding it to my hoard of skeins. Still trying to get a website up and running to sell my yarns. Until then I'm building up inventory. Glad you enjoyed it. I'm really happy with the fusion of color and textures.

  3. I love the colours in this skein they are fantastic