Friday, January 20, 2006

Slacking Off

Feeling a little guilty, as I have been procrastinating big time on my year-end paperwork. I've been wildly spinning and carding away the hours this past week. Now I've got myself several spinning projects lined up. Yeah!

It hasn't been all play though- I have even been re-organizing down at the shop to give myself some much needed work/studio space. I'm even taking on the cash register! You have no idea how huge this is... I've been intimidated by this thing for a year now, so its been parked on my desk collecting dust in the back room. Now that I actually NEED to use my desk for my laptop and actual book keeping, its time to bring out the cash register, get it programmed and phase out the long receipts...

Lots of parcels in the mail today- Noro yarn is here! Its gorgeous. Brittany and clover needles have arrived, angelina fibers, UV threads, Bo Dash and other fibery art goodies, and ( what I've been waiting forever for) the alpaca fleece I sent off to be processed. It has finally arrived!!! LOTS of alpaca roving- 5 big boxes stuffed full!


  1. What is the UV thread for? Is is sewing thread?

  2. The UV thread is a color change thread- it is used for sewing, mainly in machine embroidery. It changes color in the sunlight.