Thursday, March 16, 2006

Happy Day!

I drove down to the fuel dock this morning to pick up my daughter from her fishing trip with Dad (spring break Kodiak style). She was a bit sea sick the first day out but had her sea legs next day- and she got to see some cool stuff: a killer whale breaching about 15 feet away from the boat and a colony of sea otters in Whale Pass. They even caught a shark in the net. Kinda freaked her out cause its alive you know, wriggling on deck and bigger than she is. She was pretty relieved to see it swim off when they heaved it overboard. All in all she had fun...

Dropped her home with a friend so I could check out Com Fish (a fishing industry trade show) with Paddy while he was waiting to offload his fish, but got side-tracked along the way and stopped to visit my friend Liz at her frame shop/gallery. I couldn't leave without bartering for a pair of vintage mardi gras beads. Thankfully Liz shares my fiber obsession, so I was able to walk away with these two beauties.

Did the fish convention thing, got set up with a new cell phone plan and free purple motorola phone, parted company with my other half, and stopped off at Salvation Army to empty out all the junk that had been clocking miles in the boot of my car. While I was there I did some digging around and unearthed some T-shirts for me and the kids (see above). Had to laugh about the miss spud shirt, being married to an Irishman. And to make matters even funnier, I found out today that his new nick name amoungst the other skippers is Taterhead. LOL!

Does anybody get the "Make Like A Tree And Leave" shirt? I totally got it, but my husband and daughter were like... huh? It was hilarious trying to explain it to them, but I still don't think they get it... sigh... I guess I'm on my own with this one.

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