Wednesday, March 29, 2006

The Last of the Scrap

More scrap spun into yarn- this time wildly plied with glow in the dark thread! I know, I've been spinning some very non-technical yarns lately, but I do have a new yarn laid out and ready to spin with all the bobbles, textures and funky colors I normally spin. I've also gathered up materials to spin another version of High Tide (see the archives for photo) which sold last October and was oogled by many here in Kodiak. I've got new sea life buttons to add in, so I think this new adaptation will leave the old one in its wake.


  1. I love these scrappy yarns...there's something amazing when you leave the creativity part to the scrap bag and allow so many colors to converge...beautiful things truly can happen without planning! However, I do have to admit that I drool over all of your carefully planned designs--you certainly have a magic touch with the fibers. I can't wait to see more.

  2. Thanks Carrie. You made my day. I've had a stressful week so the compliments are like a cool drink of water to parched lips.

    Getting excited for MSW... its right around the corner! Kinda freaked out about flying- haven't been off this island for 2 1/2 years. I'm definately ready, just a little paranoid about winging throught the sky at 300 miles an hour. Not that I haven't done it loads of times before on even longer trips over seas...

    Off to work- I've got lots to organize down at the shop, a sale coming up (still need to work up an ad), city sales tax to calculate an pay (yuck), balance books, pay bills and hopefully I'll have enough $$$ left over to order new stuff.


  3. I love it too. Spinning isn't all about the technical end - it's about passion and art. Your yarns have those spun up in spades. I come here just to enjoy how beautiful they are.