Tuesday, March 28, 2006

New Yarns from New Zealand

I met a woman from New Zealand on Friday. She works on the Kennicott- a ferry boat that stops frequently in Kodiak. She asked me if I'd be intrested in yarns from New Zealand and came back later that evening dragging a huge suitcase behind her. These pic's do no justice, none at all, but when she opened the case it was everything I could do not to shove her out of my way so I could dive in. Hand painted skeins of boucle and brushed mohair... roving to drool over... Though the roving wasn't yet for sale (she's still working on getting it over and I couldn't get her to part with her stash) there was pleanty of yarns to choose from. The boucle and brushed mohair have a core thread of merino- no synthetics here. Gorgeously soft. Just beautiful- so if you live in Kodiak, better get into the shop quick! Don't know how soon I can get these again. Touch Yarns is the name of the company- a small farm operation that utilizes their own mohair and local merino wool. The colorways are gorgeous- again I couldn't convince her to part with some of them...

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