Saturday, March 11, 2006

Soap, Suds and Ssssssnakes

I'm slacking on my blog posts- but its been a fairly productive week despite sick kids, huricane force winds and my husband home from fishing. Had to close up shop for a couple of days- my kids were feeling miserable and the wind was howling something fierce, so I took pity on them and stayed home. Decided to try making felted snakes and eggs from a Harrisville kit. Had fun with it and finished up some soaps as well, but my hands... I couldn't touch fiber for a couple of days afterwards. Next time I'll wear latex gloves.


  1. I wear latex gloves when I felt - it helps with the hot water, and the dryness. They get a little sweaty, but it's better than the alternative. I also use peppermint soap when I water felt, it's just nicer, I think. Did you put soap inside the felt? How the heck did you do that without dissolving the soap or getting it all yuckky?

  2. love the felted soaps! too cool!